George's Gallery

My Dad is the artist of these wonderful paintings. I have asked him a few questions which may interest you. You can find them on the bottom of this page.


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Clontarf Sydney Harbour Blue Mountains Bondi Beach
Clontarf Sydney Harbour Three Sisters Fishing at Bondi
Tamarama Canada Australian Scene Canadian Scene
Surfing Tamarama Mt Tremblant Countrytown Autumn Leaves
Hungary Ireland Bronte Beach Budapest, Hungary
Hills of Budapest Dingle Bay Bronte Beach The Blue Danube
Garlic, Pumpkin, Pepper Clown Fair Blue/Pink Hydrangeas  
My First Still Life Clowning around Hydrangeas  
Village Scene - Hungary      
Taking Rest      

Natalie - When did you start painting?
George - I started painting in 1997

Natalie - What do you like about painting?
George - It is fun and relaxing!

Natalie - What size are your paintings?
George - 406mm x 305mm

Natalie - Are they for sale?
George - Yes, some are.

Natalie - How long do they take to paint?
George - 5 - 10 hours


midi music: Hungarian Dance - By Brahms