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The Official Jet Li Web Site - not only is it a site about a "great legend", it also has great design. - a kewl shell replacement for windows.
UPROAR - a great trivial quiz site (BTW my screen name is "nicen")
What is the Matrix?
The latest and best news on Jet
The Tao Garden
The Life Lounge - a great place to Lounge (email me if you can tell me how they get the icon infront of the url.*)
Online Typing Tutorial - a fun way to learn to type and check your wpm. - *For all those internet explorer users out there....I found out a way to put that icon next to your url. It is very buggy and doesn't always show up, but it is cool when it does. (check out my purple N, just put my page into favourites)
You won't feel strange with the Snarg around.
A rooly kewl site about Romeo must Die.

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